The lands of Pouilly

POUILLY FUMÉ – 44.5 acres / 18 ha
POUILLY-SUR-LOIRE – 1.5 acres / 0.6 ha

Our Domaine is mostly located on kimmeridgian marl soils, also known as “Terres Blanches” (chalky soil), a hint of Barrois limestone and a small but precious vein of flint: beautiful soils which are expressed and revealed in our different cuvées.

The average age of our Sauvignon vines is 40 years-old (Pouilly-Fumé) and more than a hundred years-old for our Chasselas vines (Pouilly-sur-Loire).

A great wine is first and foremost conceived in the intrinsic quality of the grapes. This is why we care for and respect our soils by bringing constant care to each and every plant.

Our reasoned and committed practices aim to preserve this environmental heritage: High Environmental Value certification (HEV), ploughing, earthing-up and earthing-down, no chemical weeding, optimal use of biocontrol (e.g. sexual disorientation against grape worms); etc.

On the road to Saint-Jacques
de Compostela

CÔTES DE LA CHARITÉ – 7.3 acres / 3 ha

Discover our Côtes de La Charité and travel between Burgundy and the Loire. In the Middle-Ages, a vast wine region cultivated by Cluniac monks spanned from La Charité-sur-Loire to Nevers: the Côtes de La Charité. Victim of the phylloxera epidemic, the vineyards were reduced to a handful but today, thanks to passionate winemakers, this wine region is being revived. It is now listed IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and totals 123.5 acres/50 hectares.

Exposed south, south-east and surrounded by the Bertranges forest, our plots are located on the Montées de Saint-Lay. The subtly ferruginous limestone-clay soil allows us to work with different grape varieties for our whites (Chardonnay, Pinot Beurrot), our red (Pinot Noir) and rosé (Pinot Noir). A palette of flavors to discover!