Pouilly fumé


AOC Pouilly Fumé – 100 % Sauvignon STEEL TANK MATURATION “FRUITY” The Tradition cuvée is the heart of our production and is the harmonious blend of grapes from our Blanc-Fumé plots. Traditionally vinified, it expresses the fruity and exotic nuances of grapefruit and other citrus fruits as well as the mineral richness of the “Terres

Clos des Chaudoux

AOC Pouilly Fumé – 100 % Sauvignon HAND HARVESTEDSTEEL TANK MATURATION “MINERAL” The grapes come from our plot “Pentes de Chaudoux” (3.7 acres / 1.5 hectares) and are sorted and destemmed. Next, they undergo a skin maceration in order to extract fine and complex aromatic and mineral qualities from the grapes. This well-structured wine can


AOC Pouilly Fumé — 100 % Sauvignon HAND HARVESTEDCONCRETE VAT MATURATION “POWERFUL” Along the roman road of Pouilly-sur-Loire, the vineyards of Les Chailloux present a beautiful vein of flint which gave Valérie the idea to express the vividness and the purity of this terroir. Vinification takes place in an ovoid concrete vat referred to as

La Léontine

AOC Pouilly Fumé – 100 % Sauvignon HAND HARVESTEDOAK BARREL MATURATION “BALANCE” This wine is an homage to our great grandmother: the great winemaker “La Léontine”! This perfectly matured Pouilly-Fumé is vinified for one year in three to five year-old oak barrels. It blends the intense expressions of fruit with the spicy roundness of the

Les Filles

AOC Pouilly Fumé – 100 % Sauvignon HAND HARVESTED20% OAK BARREL MATURATION, 80% STEEL TANK MATURATION “EXOTIC” When the year’s climatic conditions are favorable, we harvest a selection of grapes that have just started to over-ripen (Botrytis Cinerea also known as noble rot). The wine unveils surprisingly syrupy aromas although it is a dry white