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Côtes de la Charité

Les Montées de St-Lay

In the Middle Ages, a vast vineyard cultivated by the Cluny monks stretched from La Charité-sur-Loire to Nevers: this was the Côtes de La Charité. It fell victim to phylloxera and was reduced to a few hectares only. Today these vineyards are restored to life thanks to passionate winegrowers. This region is now classified as a protected geographical zone.

Our parcels (2 hectares) with their south, south-east exposure and enclosed by the Bertranges forest are situated on the Montées de St-Lay. The clayey-chalky, slightly ferruginous soil allows us to work with various varieties, both in white (Chardonnay, Pinot Beurrot) and in red (Pinot Noir) and we also make rosé wines (Pinot Noir): a range of flavours you simply must discover.

Vin de pays - close to the soil, close to the heart… We put all our love and our know-how into the making of our "Montées de St Lay" wines and you will not be disappointed by this discovery.

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