La Léontine
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La Léontine

Although wine is often linked to the story of mankind, ours is rather the story of a woman – and what a woman! “La Léontine” (our great-grandmother), born in 1889 was a true winemaker right down to her fingertips!

Having faced wars, widowhood and the hard farm work with strength and courage, nothing and no-one could keep her neither from caring for her two hectares of vines nor from making her famous cow and goat's milk cheeses.

She passed on her love of a job well done to her sons Louis and Émile (our grandfather) and from early on to her grandson, Serge (our father). As a child he used to follow her about like a shadow and even today he still devotedly recalls her every move: "Grandmother Léontine used to do it "like this" and no matter where she went, her work was done "just right". Now it is up to us to perpetuate this legacy of respect for the soil, the vines, the wine and the work that needs to be done.